‘The Maori story expertly told’ – says the Northland Age

Check out this fabulous review by Peter De Graaf, published in the Northland Age, 21 April.

‘If you told me you were planning to write a book capturing a people’s entire history in a single volume, I’d say you were mad, ambitious, or both. But that is exactly what the authors of Tangata Whenua have done ...

‘While the book is authoritative and soundly backed up by research ... it is not so academic so as to be inaccessible to the non-expert reader.

Tangata Whenua is a must-have reference work for schools and libraries, but is also a book anyone with an interest in New Zealand history can take pleasure dipping into ... I’d feel uneasy describing it as a coffee-table book — it’s too significant for that — but it is beautiful enough to spend hours poring over ...

‘The authors, publishers and backers of this book are to be saluted for taking on this ambitious seven-year project, and creating a book that can help all New Zealanders better understand this country’s present by knowing its past.’

Peter De Graaf, Northland Age, 21 April 2015