Tangata Whenua event one of Salient's 'favourites' of the Auckland Writers Festival

Philip McSweeney of Victoria University's magazine, Salient, did a glowing write-up of the Tangata Whenua event with Aroha Harris and Atholl Anderson at the Auckland Writers Festival, Saturday 16 May.

'One of my favourites was the event for Tangata Whenua, a book released last year that charts Māori history from its origins to the contemporary day. The event took the tone of a korero, the ambience of the room the event was allocated perfect to an intimate and respectful communion. The sound of skateboards rattling and loud excited shouts from outside seeped into the space. Some of the audience were distracted, but writer and historian Aroha Harris was chuffed — “this is their land too”, after all.'

See the full write-up here: http://salient.org.nz/2015/05/auckland-writers-festival